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Information Technology Company established in 2002 with headquarters in Al Khobar, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Today our company has branches in Riyadh and Jeddah. In addition, to offices in Bahrain and UAE. Over the years our company has developed a team of highly skilled and professionally motivated engineers that deliver quality effective solutions. We have strategically partnered up with international giants to offer quality IT services.



Enterprises IP Communication & Security Network Solutions

  • LAN and WAN Solutions

  • Wireless PTP & Wireless Network (WLAN) Solutions

  • Web & Email Filtering Solutions

  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus Solution

  • Firewall Solutions

  • Passive Network Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Field Service tracking System

  • Asset Tracking and Positioning

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems * RFID Solutions

  • I-Safe Solutions

  • Smart/Mobile Applications Development

  • Barcode Print and Apply Solutions.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. LAN and WAN Solutions

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Professional Services

Professional Services, a business unit of TAPA IT that’s dedicated to helping our customers delivery more services by adding expertise and value to their business, seamlessly. It is a business unit that is strongly positioned to partnering with our customers.


As technology improves, more and more companies acquire new devices and equipment in order to be e client in their work. From computer to telephones, from fax machines to network printer, these equipment costs a lot of money these things have to be secured.

Fortunately, with the evolving technology comes the evolution of security. Companies now can feel safe knowing that there are technologies available that is   exile and an affordable for all company sizes.



To be the one-stop solution provider and enable any organization of any size to achieve e client automation without compromising quality and reliability.


To help our clients build superior processes and systems to enhance their company’s security, deliver high quality but cost-effective products and provide reliable services by constant innovation through adaptive processes while main- training a transparent approach and focus- ing on the distinctive core competencies of our clients.

Get to Know Us

Discover the power of TAPA - your IT partner for reliable, secure, and scalable solutions.

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